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What would cause my H100 to do this?


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For some reason, my temps start to creep-up overtime to do the point where my load temps are 10 C (or more) higher than normal. When this happens, I plug the fans for the H100 directly into the motherboard instead of the H100. I run them at full speed by disabling the fan control in the BIOS. My temps return to normal. Then I plug them back into the H100 and start using my computer. Then, after a few weeks or so, the temps go back up and I have to do the same routine again. Why is this?


Update: I just plugged in the fans directly into the motherboard and ran them at full speed. My load temps dropped 10 C. After like 5-6 shut-downs and boot-ups, my temps ended up where they were when plugged into the H100 (i.e. 10 C higher than normal). I checked the fan speeds and they were all at full speed. H100's pump speed is also normal.


Update: Just plugged fans back into H100 and load temps dropped 10 C. :confused:


Update: After several shut-down boot-up cycles, the temps have increased 10 C again.


Sounds like something is wrong with the pump (even thought it reports the correct speed)?

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I have the H100, not the H100i. I have it set at the fastest fan speed setting (on the CPU block button).


But I don't think it is the fans because even with the fans connected to the motherboard, after awhile (several shut-down and power-up cycles), the temps will start to rise.

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