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H100i with Noctua NF-12 fans always at 100% RPMs


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Currently i have H100i with 2 Noctua NF-12 fans.

Fans are plugged on H100i CPU block.


My problem is fan is always working at 100% when there is no need, and the noise is a little bad...


It seens corsair link don't have settings to define RPMs, or i don't find them.

Im using MSI CommandCenter to define CPU, and SystemFans. I can set CPU fan settings but hardware will not respect and its always at 100%


Other problem is ATX fan is at 0% on CorsairLink display and H100i information is not shown.

Im using last CorsairLink Realease Candidate version


I have some images as Attachments





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you need to decide what program that will control/monitor things

usually having 2 or more messes everything up

you say the fans are connected to the cooler but the cooler isnt showing in link,post a pic of your link/devices/expanded view

msi cc help will best be ask on that forum unless a user here is familiar with it

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yes fans are PWM and i dont have 2 programs to control fans

So lets forget apps, under bios i can set speeds for sys fans and cpu fans, but cpu speeds are not respected by HW and its always at 100%


Should i connect fans to motherboard fan power to solve this?


Note: im using the corsair spliter to link 2 fans in one h100i fan input



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