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Corsair AX1200i and Corsair LINK, is it requiered?


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Hello everyone, i was wondering if the included Corsair LINK adapter that connects to the PSU and also to a USB Header in the Motherboard is necessary? I've using it since i bought this PSU and the software is garbage (No offense), it can't do anything honestly and the information it shows isn't correct. Based in Corsair Link Software during 100% stress with two GTX 760s in SLi running over 99% and an I7 4770K overclocked the power consumption is about 115w. Thats impossible! So in my opinion it isn't useful in fact its confusing. The Only thing i noticed that the fan does not spin by default, i mean it runs in fanless mode out of the box, now the final question is, if i disconnect Corsair LINK device and uninstall the Software, whats the Factory Default profile that the PSU works with?

When is the FAN supposed to spin, at what load? Thanks for your support.

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Without the software the PSU will still function like any other PSU.


Fan profile is based on about 40% load or 49c and could be any combination of the two depending on your config.


Looking at your specs, i wouldn't expect to see the fan spin much if at all.


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