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Voyager Air 1TB Fails to get WiFi connection


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Just received my new Voyager Air 1TB and am in process of setting it up.Followed the Quick Start Guide:

1& 2 Loaded some files on to the Voyager successfully.

3.Added the Voyager Air to my Home Network successfully.

4 Made sure device is fully charged.

5 Disconnected device from Home Network and downloaded the Voyager Air App to my tablet - a Google Nexus 7 (2012 model) 32GB Android v4.3

6 Made certain that WiFi switch is ON and blue light shown.

7 On the Voyager App, on my Nexus I cannot get any connection

The display in the App shows Local and Settings in the left pane

I tap Settings and all I get in the right pane is, "Status: Not connected"

"Application: Android tablet 1.2.9" & "VoyagerAir Account"

then there are two buttons one to Reset and one to Change: The first, if tapped brings up a spinning progress wheel which does nothing. The 'Change' button brings up a Settings Pane which displays the "Not connected" and a VoyagerAir Account asking for Voyager Air IP, Account Name and Password and a keyboard beneath.

I don't have that information to insert - so where do I go from here, please?



What steps should I take to get this signal ?

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