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FPS Keys/Left Shift Key


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Wanted to throw a reply in here before starting a new thread on the subject. Curious if the "FPS Backlit Key Caps, Keycap Puller, and Palm Rest (SKU# CH-8970013)" is going to be available again? Could not find it on any retailer and the Corsair page says Out of Stock.


Secondly, quick question about my K95. The left shift key has a completely different feel (when depressing it) than every other key. It seems to stick about halfway down, requiring that much more effort for it to fully register as a key stroke. Is this on purpose or should it's movement be identical to all of the other keys?


Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried removing and putting the key back on?


I haven't, wanted to make sure it wasn't supposed to be this way before I messed with it.


Also, and more importantly, my K95 will randomly disconnect during use. Really fun when in the middle of tanking a dungeon or in the middle of a firefight in an FPS...


I've researched it to exhaustive efforts only to come up with the hint of other people talking about conflicting drivers from other manufacturers. I've uninstalled and cleaned the only other software I had installed (Logitech gaming software for joystick), updated the Corsair Gaming Software to Firmware 1.15 and it still continues to disconnect. Doesn't seem to be relative to key presses (many actions going on at the same time) as it will also do it while watching a YouTube video. If in a game, the backlights go out, game hiccups for a second, freezes for a couple of seconds, backlights kick back on, 2 or 3 seconds later I'm back in action. Watching it in action while on my desktop I noticed the Corsair gaming software icon in the taskbar will disappear and reappear in relation to the backlights going out and coming back on.


Received this keyboard as a gift, so I'm willing to put up with quite a bit from it, but my god it's aggravating not to be able to trust that it'll work the one moment I need it to.

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Have you tried a different USB port?

Do you have the latest BIOS and chipset drivers installed?

Have you tried turning off any USB power savings? Does it help?


Thanks for the replies Toasted. Yes I"ve replaced the cap but the key stroke still feels different (left shift key). Also, I have the latest chipset and BIOS installed on my system. Also also, I have tried turning off the USB power saving and other USB ports. Random disconnects still occuring. Grr... literally just happened again. Though this time I noticed the sound, brightness and backlight selection buttons all stayed on, just the rest of the keyboard went out and back.


Typing this with the left shift cap removed, can say that the cherry mx switch feels smooth, it must be related to the metal bar underneath or the stabilizers that connect it to the key cap.

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