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Advanced RMA question


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I have to open an RMA for a faulty psu (AX750)


I need for obvious reasons an advanced RMA.. If I understand correctly, the new psu will be delivered and then i can send the faulty one back.


There's a way to use the same courier to return my psu?

I'm in Italy and I think i have to ship to Almere (Netherlands) for about 40/45 $$$$$ :(



There's anyone with a similar problem that can help me?


Thank you.

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here we go again..


I'm trying to submit an RMA for this product CMPSU-750AXEU


when i reach the "Select Your Request Type" the Express Replacement option is greyed out...


then via live chat (great invention by the way) someone told me to use this product for the express replacement: CP-9020045-EU


which is a AX760 not a AX750 (fine by me..)


so with the new code the option for express replacement is back, great!


next step, credit card..


mastercard, number, security code, name, expiration date ----> CHARGE


nope.. Transaction failed. This transaction has been declined. Please retry. :wtfman:



I checked every step, the credit card works (bf4 i'm coming :D: )


I don't know what to do :(:

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