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contemplating a 750d


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I am thinking of getting a 750d, or a nzxt switch 810. I have a corsair h100i with a i5 2500k.I won't be watercooling my gpu's, and will most likely be using SLI 780ti's later on. I have heard of bad airflow stories with cards that exhaust into the case.


Do you think this case is worth it for air cooling? I like the look but I am not convinced on the cooling performance

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I'll share my story. I purchased a 750D the day I saw them launched not knowing what would happen.


If you are running GPU's with rear exit fans OR watercooling, this could not be a better case!! The features and cable management options are more than worth it. However, if you (like me) are running interior exhaust exiting gpu/s...this is not the case for you.


My specs:

4770k w/ H100i

sli EVGA 780 ACX Superclocked

...all the other stuff


I was playing Shadow Warrior last night on the ultra preset, I saw my cards scream up to 95c. When I dropped it to high, they would sit around 79-85. That is way too hot if you ask me so after much experimenting and help from the awesome techs here, I went back over to the HAF X for brute force cooling. I really wanted this case to work because it looks so good but it just can't keep my sli 780 ACX cards cool.

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If you buy reference GTX 780 Tis, they'll be using blower coolers and you won't have any problems keeping them cool in the 750D. For what it's worth, NVIDIA's reference blowers on their high end cards are honestly pretty choice, good enough that I'm not sure I'd personally consider aftermarket cooling outside of watercooling.
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