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Corsair F120 chkdsk Problem


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My Corsair CSSD-F120GB2-BRKT which I just got replaced in Jan 13 makes problems again. Under W7 64 bit I can't open most of the prgrams as Chrome, Firefox etc anymore. During the start Windows recommends to start chkdisk, bit it hangs after 1% at block 29,899 or 29,941 of 217,600 blocks. It's my C drive with the OS. If I start chkdsk from the command console in W7 with the parameters /F /V /R /X the pc starts chkdsk after restart and stops more or less at the same block. If I start system restore Windows is detecting a hard disk problem and want to start chkdsk after reboot, what is ending again in a frozen system after 1%.


Is there any other toll avaiable to repair the SSD? The Corsair test tols are running only on Forece 3 and not with my model, if I understand it right.


Who can help?



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Meanwhile I have no access to the SD anymore. Sometimes I see the SSD in the BIOS/UEFI menu, sometimes not. Under W7 I don't see the SSD at all. Even Partition Magic is no able to see the SSD. I tried all SATA ports and different cables. The SSD still has warranty but I just changed it in Jan of this year. I can't believe the SSD is again rubbish.
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