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M90 mouse is seriously messing up


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Bought the M90 mouse in June 2013 - I have had issues with it, but moved past most of them and accepted that it is a sub par mouse.

Lately in the last week I have started having serious issues. First it started with the mouse partially freezing up (unable to click on anything) lasting only a few seconds until i started pushing random buttons.

After that it progressed to occasional moments where a click wasnt registered.

Now a few of the side buttons frequently do not activate. I might get 2-4 registered clicks, followed by at least 1 click that does not register. In addition to all this, whenever the mouse starts messing up like this, the main click buttons dont work in the way they are supposed to. The right mouse button does nothing, the left mouse button starts behaving as if it was a middle mouse button but doesnt scroll anything (frustrating when it closes browser tabs).


I would like to know how I can go about fixing this issue. The cost of this mouse is outrageous considering the amount of problems it has had and lasting semi-usefully only 5 months.

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I do have the latest BIOS for my motherboard and chipset drivers are current.

I have reflashed the firmware.

I have also uninstalled, wiped clean and then reinstalled. Tested. Then flashed. And tested.


Been through this route far too many times

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