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H80i idle temps cooler than ambient


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Hi guys, I'm new to water-cooling as well as the LINK software so i have a few questions i hope you guys could help me out with. For starters, this is a new upgrade of only a few days so i'm not completely familiar with all BIOS settings, temps at different loads, etc. I'm also not really versed with doing temp conversions from Celsius to Farenheit in my head. I have overcloked this new build to 5.03 Ghz and ran stable for over an hour until i tried some processor benchmarks and got a BSOD. So, i'm pretty sure my CPU is getting adequate cooling for everyday usage. Not really concerned there. After playing around a bit, and being rock stable at 4.67 Ghz, i settled on an OC of 4.37 Ghz for everyday....then i started really looking at the LINK software while idling. Thats when i tried changing the reporting from celsius to farenheit. LINK is saying i'm idling at from high 50's to high 60's farenheit and 17c to 20c although ambient is around 72-74f. OK, questions.


1. Is there a known issue or bug concerning misreporting of temps in farenheit vs. celsius?


2. Since there is nothing hooked up to the CPU fan header on my motherboard then i assume LINK gets it's temp from the pump, where is the sensor located? On top of the heatsink, and under the fluid? Or just in the fluid itself?


3. If i simply have a faulty sensor does anyone have any guesses as to whether the upper end temps would be linear or proportinately off? I.E. off by 10 or 15f or off by a percentage like 25%?


The highest temp I remember seeing reported was 55c-58c when OCed to 5 Ghz and playing a facebook flash game with netflix in the background to simulate realworld high usage. Under load at 4.37Ghz i'm seeing temps around 100f to 105f under a load, and, once again, under ambient at idle.


Thx in advance for any comments!!

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