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Is this a good fan intake and exhaust setup?


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Yes, it is going to be in a 750D. Sorry, I forgot to include that.

I was also a little concerned about the intake being right next to the exhaust, but I also figure that less hot air will be going through the radiator than if I used it as an exhaust.

I am trying to go for slightly positive pressure.

Any other ideas?

I don't think the H100i hoses will reach the front grills, will they?

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rtchal - since hot air travels up you potentially should have all of your fans that are past the center line of your case blowing out. this hot air traveling northward is the entire reason why case designers place such large vents at the top. pulling air in there is counter productive


one thing that impressed me greatly about the 740d is the front fans ability to draw in gobs of air regardless of the front plate's hindrance.


for my set up i run a push pull (fans on both side of the radiator) on my h100 at the top and the rear fan all going out. then i installed a corsair fan at the bottom drawing in along with the two front 140mms.


i cannot express the magnitude of how cold my system is running. after an hour of 19x10 rendering i tested my (notoriously hot) AMD 8350 at 51c. and graphics cards at 61c

and the case was dead silent due to the fans not even over working them selves. additionally i found that dissipating the heat more quickly from the cause keeps the surrounding area (your room for example) much cooler because the internals don't have the chance to build such high temperatures to release to the atmosphere.


my friend decided to build his system with this case and fan setup but with a few more heat generating internals yet he sees similar temperature to mind.


shot out to Corsair - magnificent case design

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