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Anyone else sell the red axi cables?


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Thank you Sybink. After Corsair telling me out of stock till 25th. I called to cancel, but they already were boxed and ready for shipment and I received another email5 minutes later. Corsair was kind enough to upgrade me to overnight shipping. So now all my beautiful bright red cables are installed and my 4 PWM corsair fans on my h100i. Then after buttoning it up come to find out one of my pwm 2 way splitters was bad on one of the leads. UGH, so now I have a 5 way pwm Asaka splitter coming tomorrow. Think it will be a better solution anyway so I can have the PSU power them and ONE cpu header monitoring/controlling them. SO It wont be complete till tomorrow now. Gotta love it... Damn you cooler master pwm fan splitter. Thats what I get for putting a CM part in my corsair build.
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