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Corsair Force GS 120GB Fake or Not


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Hi all,


I bought 2x Force GS 120GB drives yesterday on eBay but I'm now concerend that these might be fakes because I can't find any info on this model.

On the sticker it shows Force GS, 120GB, SATA 3 and the product number is CSSD-F120GBGS-B.

I can only find the Force GS 128GB CSSD-F128GBGS-BK.


I would appreciate any help on this.

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Thank you for your replies.

When I received the drives and noticed they aren't red I started doubting them.

I then also noticed that the real GS models are 128GB and not 120GB like these.


Below is a better picture of the drive and a screenshot of Corsair SSD Toolbox and Windows 7 device properties.


I will PM you the link hereafter because the seller has 2 more for sale.





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Thanks Yellowbeard,

I have updated my PC spec and below is a benchmark running on the Marvell 6G controller.

Not quite the speeds I was expecting and not close to the speeds of the red GS SSDs

I'll do a benchmark on the Intel controller hereafter.



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Marvell controllers are terrible, don't rely on them. Def use the SATA 3/6Gb controller ports on the Intel controller.


I agree fully but that was the only port I had open at the time just to check if the drives are fake or not.

I rebooted my PC with the drive on the Intel SATA 6G port and WOW, what a difference. If these drives are fakes, they are bloody good ones LOL.


Below is the Intel SATA 3 6G benchmark.



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