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Consistent Mouse Sensitivity (turning speed) Between FPS Games - Calcuator


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Consistent mouse looking between games makes it so your body does not need to adjust when switching games. Consistent mouse aiming will improve your accuracy, reaction time, and confidence in every game you play.


I did some research and made a tool that allows you to figure out how to set your in-game sensitivity and mouse DPS so you get the same turning speed for every FPS game. I originally just figured out all of this information for myself but I figured other people would find this helpful so I added it to my website.


Tool Here: http://eliteownage.com/mousesensitivity.html


It used to be that to get consistent looking speed between games you would basically just have to manually adjust until it felt the same. I decided to get scientific and figured out the math and did some measurements. The website will do all of the calculations for you and has a table with the measurements I did for each game.


Note: All of these measurements were done using direct mouse input with no mouse acceleration or smoothing. If you use mouse acceleration you'll have to keep your mouse DPI the same between games to keep it consistent. If you don't use acceleration you can change in-game sensitivity or DPI and it will be consistent.


To figure out the DPI to set your mouse to for each game use this equation

DPI = (dots per 360 degree turn/sensitivity)/inches per 360 degree turn


or if you want to keep your DPI the same and just change your sensitivity:

sensitivity = (dots per 360 degree turn/DPI)/inches per 360 degree turn


The site has a calculator so you can just enter values in and it will do this calculation for you.

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