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Upgraded to 900D


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Wow i love this case got it last week with with a 20 percent discount from my local store, Had a Haf-X case before this so i was a little worried about the cooling side of things especially my sli GTX 780 DirectCU II cards (http://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/GTX780DC2OC3GD5/#gallery)

But to my amazement they are running cooler in the 900d by 3c with the default fan config, and the case fans are so quiet compared to the 4x200mm & 140mm fans of the Hafx.

Only hassle i had when doing the build was screwing in the cards to case but that maybe the non-reference cards fault?

My 3930k temps are good also about the same compared to the Haf-X.

Got 2 corsair 140mm fans ordered for the front and will try the 3 120mm ones on the bottom left side.

Overall its a great case not perfect but thats life:biggrin: for those that are using mostly air cooling like me it works great! Thanks Corsair a happy customer here.

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I have always used nothing but ASUS GPU's and have never had a problem with any of them. I have the 670 and slowly gathering pieces for my next build and was looking at these as well with the same cooler design and really like them. They do seem to run cooler . Even in a pretty full 650D the extra heat still doesn't raise my other temps either.


But hey anyway, How about some pics?

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