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Corsair M95 anyone love it?


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Looking to buy this mouse but very few people seem to own one everyone is Naga or Logitech G600 but I like the button placement on this one.

I think lots of people out there cofuse the M90 for the M95 but what I've been reading on reviews on amazon and newegg it's alot nice for pressing all them thumb buttons.

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My 2c:


I really enjoy the feel of the mouse. Subjectively, it fits my hands pretty well, and I've been able to play both palming it and a modified claw. But that's extremely subjective, of course.


What I think you should look at, and probably base your decision on, is the build quality and life of these mice. Have a look around the forum, to me at least, it seems that it's pretty much a crapshoot whether your mouse will survive.


My mouse is currently in RMA, and I'm one of the lucky ones, "only" my tracking gave out. I've read posts on here where people have had multiple mice break on them.


In all honesty, regardless of how nice the mouse feels, if I had read this forum first, I would most definitely _not_ have bought one.


But hey, that's my 2c, maybe your mileage may vary.

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I loved my M90 and I love my M95 even more, sadly they don't seem to last very long. My M90s scroll wheel gave out, and lately my M95's scroll wheel is starting to give as well. Specifically it is scrolling down sometimes when I'm scrolling up, or scrolling twice down when I'm scrolling down, a similar issue to what I had with my M90. My M95 is only about 6 months old.


I would say buy it if you have the money, it's the best mouse I've ever had and I use most of the macro keys everyday for things like switching and closing tabs in my browser.

If you are looking for a mouse to keep for a while, you would probably be better off with something else.


And yes, they side buttons are a lot better on the M95 compared to the M90.

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