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Vengeance 2000 random cracks? Warranty?


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Hello there! Earlier today I noticed some random cracks starting to appear on my Vengeance 2000. I will add some pictures of it below.


That being said, for days now I keep getting an error when going to the main page to apply for an RMA, is there any way any of you could help me out with this?


I have treated my headset with the utmost love and care, I wouldn't spend the money I did on such an expensive headset just to throw it around, so I'm slightly surprised to see them starting to break like this. As far as I'm aware there's a 2 year warranty, correct?


Pictures follow:



Right side: The crack isn't very visible unless you zoom in.



Left side: Pretty big crack there.


As a side note, I have also had some issues with my headset not wanting to turn on and just steadily blinking orange. Figured out from a previous thread here that I had to let the battery completely drain, however it's happened several times so far. Not the biggest issue as it's something I've been able to live with, just figured I'd add as much info as possible :)

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It is now working again, I will create a ticket asap :) That being said, I read through the forum related to several people having similar cracking issues, should I post my ticket number as well as they were told to in the other threads?


Edit: To speed things up I'll just toss it in here, ticket #6196911

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