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Heartbroken over SP2500


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Hello! I ... I really really hate to be that guy and rarely believed it when I saw similar posts about other products on the internet... but I believe I am the recipient of 2 defective SP2500's back to back.


I buy corsair everything (hs1, hs1a, vengeance 1100, vengeance 1500, pc case, h100,ram,etcetc... literally EVERYTHING). I bought the SP2200 1-2 years ago and I LOVED them. They were amazing for the price and sounded awesome. However, they fell victim to the "left speaker static" issue and I tried to buy another set instead of RMA'ing... to find out they are discontinued!


I made a last ditch effort to ask CS to buy any "back stocked or refurbished" ones (hell, id pay full price just for another 1-2 years) but to no avail. They did however say they can upgrade me to the higher tier SP2500 for just shipping + $50.


Sounds good to me! I sent the SP2200 to Corsair in a heartbeat after paying the fee and received my huge box of speakers a couple days later.


After reading the instructions and plugging everything in, the left speaker didnt work. I scoured the forums and found many possible solutions (swapping the left/right cables, using another source, etc) again to no avail. I thought hey... maybe I can just use the subwoofer and right speaker. Im not a princess, I can live with this.


However, after a couple days it started giving me vertigo (im 100% deaf in my right ear due to an incident... overseas...) and after a couple headaches, I decided to do the dreaded "Re-RMA." Everything went smooth (minus me... idiotically sending just the broken speaker back not knowing how RMAing works...) I paid for shipping again and received another brand new set a couple days later.


I plugged everything in and this time... the speakers sounded BEAUTIFUL... however the subwoofer didnt work.


So the trouble shooting steps I went through were:


-Make sure subwoofer icon is not greyed out

-Make sure night mode is off

-Use multiple sources (phone, ipod, tablet, laptop, another computer)

-Swap from Line in to Aux 1.

-Raise the subwoofer volume all the way up and put my left ear right on the subwoofer wood itself

-Have a couple friends do the same.

-Reconnect cables

-Fiddle around with controller

-Wiggled all the wires

- =(


I thought to myself that I really didn't want to be "that guy" who constantly/mysteriously has DOA RMA's (some people on newegg and amazon get 3-4 DOAs in a row... i didnt believe it until now).


Im living ok with just the speaker usage, but during movies and music... the lack of bass is very noticeable. I'm wondering if theres any way I can recieve help in fixing the subwoofer myself? My monitor doesn't have sound so I dont think I can go another week or 2 completely silent.


I'm not going to ask for compensation or an apology. I just... I just want to get everything working.



PS: Attached a picture of how I use my Vengeance 1100 after the plastic part snapped. Good ol' zip ties and electric tape.


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Im sorry I havent.


I... Im very wary of the RMA process (buying a box, lugging it to UPS, paying for shipping, etc), to possibly have the chance of getting another strange unit.


The 2 speakers work so I dont really need the subwoofer.


If there's anyone who knows basic internal troubleshooting tips to fixing it would be nice in case I do want to use the subwoofer later on.

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I'm experiencing the very same problem. I was listening to music on a quite low volume yesterday and when I had listened more closely and heard no bass, I figured I needed to turn it up. However when I turned it up, it was still no sound. I've tried everything possible as a consumer before tearing it apart. I love the speakers as I play very loud music through them all the time, and I was sad because they have never blown out or anything, the sub decided to just die :( Id like to continue using these speakers, any help?
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I... Im very wary of the RMA process (buying a box, lugging it to UPS, paying for shipping, etc), to possibly have the chance of getting another strange unit.

All you would have to do is box it up. They are offering to pay for the shipping costs so it wont cost you anything. :biggrin:::pirate::



I'm sorry, but they were not meant to be repaired by the end user. I would suggest requesting an RMA to have them replaced. The link is on the left side menu there.:biggrin:


If you would like, post your case number here too.

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