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Below is a screen shot of the System Display in LINK for my system.


The four Noctua Case Fans are controlled by LINK through the Cooling Node, with the temperature probes located on the VCore and NorthBridge heat sinks, the Memory, and at the case air input (right side between the top and middle fan).


LINK also controls the two Noctua fans on the H100i. All fans are PWM.


The Memory, VCore, and NorthBridge spot fans are controlled by a Bitfenix Recon fan controller using a USB interface to the Phoebetria program without interference with LINK.


Very please with the temperatures. The average CPU temperature is 31 degrees during normal operation (and when this snap shot was taken), however as you can see LINK is reporting the FX-8350 temperature as 21.9 degrees.


With no overclocking, Prime 95 pushes the CPU temp to a max of 46 degrees, and I can certainly live with that.


So as you can see, there are systems running LINK on Windows 8 (NOT 8.1) with no problems.





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your build looks nice but your cable management is nearly as bad as mine;):

seems the more you add,the harder it gets...


The cable management was great, UNTIL, I added the spot fans with their BRY colors. I need to get some sleeving and clean that up, but I've been working trying various setups for a few weeks and have just settled on a final configuration.


Gee, now I have no excuse. LOL Well maybe some Win 8.1 playing before I tackle that.



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