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Basic Air 540 AMD Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

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Pleased with the layout and temps. Description of components in the pull-down.


Using LINK for the 6 Noctua Fans, and a Bitfenix Recon for the three (NorthBridge, VCore, and Memory) Spot Fans.


As the LINK System picture shows, 33 Degrees on the NorthBridge, 32 Degrees on the VCore, and 28 degrees on the H100i.


LINK does not report the CPU temperature accurately, but the AI Suite Monitor is reporting 31 degrees (LINK shows 21.9) during normal use.


The highest I've been able to push the CPU is 46 degrees with Prime 95. No overclocking.


As you can see, I sit right next to the Case, and its quiet as a church mouse.











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