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Help Diagnosing PC crash problems


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I believe my power supply is causing issues with my pc. Most of the very demanding games I've ran caused a black screen and the game to quit responding. Some would even cause my power supply to make weird screeching mechanical noises. Though I can run far cry 3, but usually only after a minute or 2 of playing the game I hear the PSU fan stop spinning and then I black screen for about 10 seconds then everything comes back. Now I would say after this that it was definitively a PSU problem, but I can run furmark and prime95 fine simultaneously, so now I'm pretty confused. I just memchecked my ram and it was fine.


Now that I think about it it's probably my GPU but I'm not quite sure since my PSU is still acting pretty oddly. It could be software too but I'm using the latest drivers and I'm using the software that came bundled with the games, so I'm still fairly confused.



Corsair tx750

R9 280x @ stock

i5 4670K @ stock

Asus z87-a

Crucial tactical 2x4GB @ non xmp

Seagate barracuda 7200rpm

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I actually found the source of my problem. And it was actually my power supply. Not a power supply in the sense of a psu but actually what I was receiving from my power outlet. I had a 6 way splitter hooked up at the wall and a 6 way power surge protected splitter plugged into that and I plugged in my PC that. In hindsight it was pretty stupid, but still I'm pretty stoked I found a solution.
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