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whats the fan specs of the 350D included fans?


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i upgraded my buds computer with this case and i noticed that the rear fan is running only at 500 RPM (front is at 1000RPM) the rear fan should be going much faster than 500 rpm. wanted to know what is the max of the rear fan?


i kept the motherbord/cpu and ram for his build. just bought this case. a TX 650psu and a gtx 760. the motherboard is a HP special lol. amd fx 8000 cpu (forgot what number) it only has 2 fan headers and 1 cpu fan header. and being that this is a hp motherboard when i get into the bios i see no setting to mess with fan speeds. how can i control the fan speeds? is there a way i can do this within windows. i downloaded speedfan but i have no idea how to use to. lol


thanks in advance

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