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Custom Fan Curve/LED Settings Breaking

MdX MaxX

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Everytime I restart my computer, something breaks and the fans connected to my H80i no longer respond to my custom fan curve (based on my 2600K temp). Also, the LED stops responding to temperature like I have set and just stays a constant color. No amount of modifying the settings fixes it; I have to go through some arbitrary combination of uninstalling Link, reinstalling, and restarting the computer before it functions properly again, but one more restart and it breaks again.


I can set the fans to max or a fixed RPM just fine, and the other fan curves seem to work somewhat, but my custom one is just totally broken; the temperature/RPM crosshairs don't even line up with the curve, and change in CPU temperature doesn't change the fan speed at all.


This happens with the latest "stable" release (2.3.whatever) as well as the latest release candidate 2.4.5110.


I'm on Windows 8.1 and I've done the registry fix, but this is a separate ongoing problem; it's been happening on 8 and 7 as well.


What else can I do? My motherboard's fan control is lackluster so I'd like to use Corsair Link, but if the software can't survive a simple reboot without breaking something then what good is it?

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