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No Corsair Keyboard Definitions In Linux?!


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I'm trying to map the multimedia keys on my k95 keyboard in Linux Mint 15 (Olivia) 64 bit XFCE. Keep in mind Linux is becoming the gaming operating system these days for hard core players. Also keep in mind Mint is the #1 Linux distro and has been for the last couple of years. (About 50% larger than Ubuntu.) The latest Mint version is V15 (Olivia) and most everybody uses the 64 bit version. Finally XFCE is the desktop. The normal desktop flavors for Linux are XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon, and KDE. I'm using XFCE. Unfortunately the K95 keyboard is not recognized! There appears to be hundreds of keyboards predefined but not a single Corsair keyboard. I'm thinking your company probably wants to fix this.


"Application Menu" => "Settings" => "Keyboard"

Select the "Layout" tab

Look for "Corsair" under the "Keyboard model" pick list. No corsair section at all.


Lots of Logitech keyboards listed. I've upgraded to using only K90 and K95 keyboards now. Any chance of getting this fixed?

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While I do understand that getting your keyboard working with Linux is not as simple as change a compilation target and hitting F5, I would like to add that these days it is a pretty dangerous move for a company to only support Windows.


What will happen with the rise of systems like the Steambox? Anybody serious enough about gaming to buy a gaming keyboard will have a quick search and see which keyboards are supported. Logitech is? Corsair is not? Easy choice then.


Keeping a "Windows only" approach is sure to position yourself out of the market rather quickly.


My 2c.

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