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H100i, Noctua NF-F12 and custom curves


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I bought an H100i and also a pair of Noctuas to keep things cool. Great product the H100i is!


However I am having a peculiar problem. I created a custom fan curve for the NF-F12 given that the default ones go beyond what these fans can do. The Noctuas range from 300 to 1500 RPM, though my H100i only measured them to be good up to 1350 RPM.


I created a basic curve and the H100i seems to follow it once I select it, but it fails to track it properly. For example, when I start my system the CPU hovers around 40C, and I have the RPMs set to 700 for that temp. H100i sets the fans to 700 no problem. Then if I start hammering the CPU (via Prime95 or a regular game) the temps shoot to, say, 60C but the RPM stays at 700, not 1100 which is the target in my curve.


Here's what I have:


- The CPU temp and the Noctua fans are all grouped together in group 2, such that the CPU temp drives the fans

- The dynamic curve indicator tracks the temps properly, i.e. that vertical red crossbar in the Curve is set to the proper temp but the horizontal one gets lost

- I have tested that the H100i can run each individual fan at the rated speeds by setting control to Fixed RPM and entering the numbers manually.

- I have tested that the CPU temp is at the correct value using read outs from CPUID HW monitor. I try not to run both Corsair Link and CPUID to avoid conflicts.

- The fans are directly connected to the H100i pump using the Y splitter that came with the coolers.

- the Pump reports running at the correct speed (~2200RPM)

- The H100i is connected to the MB via the USB dongle.

- FW version listed is 1.0.5.

- After running for some time the H100i seems to loose control over the fans, so even trying to set a manual speed fails and they stay stuck at whatever value they were set.


I am currently running the fans at a set RPM but I'd definitely love to have the dynamic control using Corsair Link instead of my MB fan speed control (I have an MSI board).


Any help would be appreciated.

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I would suggest grouping the fans with the H100i, as opposed to the CPU Temperature, in the event that the readings that Link is getting from the CPU are not reliable/consistent.


You are luck if Link appears to be reading your average CPU temperature correctly. I am running an AMD FX-8350, and the Link reading on this particular CPU are not accurate or reliable (known deficiency in Link, not complaining).


My fans very accurately track the Custom Profile that I've created.



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3rd party fan control isnt fully supported with the h100i. When I had mine it was really slow to change fan speeds when I had gentle typhoons plugged in. I'm talking a couple RPMs a second. The h100i is tuned specifically to work at the very least with the fans it comes with and it's hit or miss with any other fan. My GT's when plugged into the h100i would never reach full speed too. Corsair posted some time ago that they're working on adding better support, but that was well over a year ago.
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Second vote here for tracking the pump temp on your custom curve NOT the CPU temp....the pump temp steps up slowly and predictably whereas the CPU temp is all over the place and basically causes your fans to vary wildly in speed and the lag is so great between the fan rpm and cpu temp you basically sit there listening to fans spin up and down seemingly randomly.....
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Quick update to all. Indeed the H100i doe snot like to act on the fans based on an external temp.


I modified my curves to track the coolant/H100i internal temps and the fans respond quite in line tracking the curves precisely. So yes, it was my bad by trying to tie the custom curves to the CPU temp.


BTW I am using the original H100 fan curves as reference (Performance Mode curve for NF-F12 fans). It appears the temps rarely exceed 35C so the fan is mostly running at a narrow band of RPMs between 1000-1100. It is almost as if I could leave them running at a set RPM and forget.


I'll play with values to see what feels more comfortable. Thanks you all who replied!

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