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Control K70 backlight from the command line


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Hi folks,

it looks like the K70 will be my next keyboard. As a programmer (and not so much of a gamer), I would love being able to use the backlight for "unusual" purposes.

For example I would like to monitor a webservice and turn on or briefly flash the backlight when certain conditions are met (for ex. when a build is broken, a service is down, and similar stuff).


This would be very easy if for example we had a simple command line executable to control the backlight.


Actually, the more I think about it, the more I find useful applications.

Probably it would not be so useful to gamers, but it would be a killer feature for programmers and geeks in general.


Is there any way to achieve this?

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I know this is not a supported feature, but there's usually a difference between officially not possible and not possible :-).

The big question is if the keyboard does have some support at all. The K90/K95 has a configuration software so it's likely that there's a signal that can be sent to turn the light on/off. And what about the K70, which comes without software?


Any hardware expert to give his opinion?

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