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K70 makes my PC freeze when logging in.


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Hi, i'm new to this forum.


I just bought a K70-keyboard and i love the feel of it. But i have a problem as i stated in the topic. When i start my computer and log in to my account, the computer freezes. However, if i'm moving my mice while logging in, the computer will just run fine. This has to be a problem related to the K70, because i've never had this problem before i plugged it in.


Hopefully, you understand what i tried to describe. Seeing as english isn't my main language, some grammar mistakes are bound to happen.


Thanks in beforehand



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I'm sorry, but i'm quite a noob when it comes to these things. How do i know if i'm having the latest drivers and BIOS installed?


I have tried different USB ports, and it's the same with all of them. It freezes when i'm loggin in and doing nothing, but works when i'm moving the mice around...

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