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Dominator Extended Fins where to buy


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As the subject says, I am looking where to buy this item. I tried to purchase 2 packs through the Corsair Shop, but at a minimum postage cost to Australia of $69.00 I find this a bit rude, to say the least.


This product is not available in Australia, what so ever, so I hope to find somewhere that stocks this item. If anyone knows of anywhere that these may be bought & that offers postage to Australia, please by all means let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.


I sincerely hope someone is able to offer some suggestions.


Thans in advance

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I appreciate the reply..

The fins are not available, or sold in Australia what so ever. CS have them in stock, but I can not justify paying the minimum postage charge of $69.00 AUD for 2 packs of these items that will cost me a tad under $40 AUD. For expidited shipping, I would be up for (for memory) $100 AUD.


Seems like the only place you can buy them apart from the CS, is USA... ( I asume )


CHEERS for the reply anyway

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