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P256 SSD Can't Restore Performance


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Today I decieded to upgrade the firmware and do a secure erase(Parted Magic 2013_02_28) on my 2 P256 ssd's. The write speeds have been very slow since I did a drive wipe free space in Ccleaner which I shouldn't of done. I did everything correctly but made one mistake and picked external erase write zeros to the drive and found my perfomance was still the same. I went back and did the correct Internal: Secure Erase and installed win 7 again but still got the same performance. The drives are setup in raid 0 and should be around 400mb for Read/Write speeds but are only 310/50. Write caching is turned off.


Are my ssd's bad now or did I do something wrong? I only have one PC and I'm stuck with a fresh install until I can figure out how to fix this problem.




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I found the problem. After installing the intel chipset and raid drivers everything is back to normal speeds.


The P256 was rated at 220/180 MB's(440/360 in raid 0) maximum read/write speeds and after 4.5 years it's still fast(437/341 write cache off) and reliable:biggrin:



speed tests below

1. write cache and write back cache mode enabled

2. write cache disabled and cache mode disabled



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