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Just placed the H80i


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Good evenin folks.Just Placed my H80i i bought yesterday.Was lil bit afraid for that loosen backplate thing but everything fixed when i placed the pump on.It fits perfect on ASROCK Fatal1ty Performance without touching any memory modules or anything else.Didnt used any third party thermal paste.Now just checking my temperatures and i wants you to tell me if its alright.

Ext. temperature: 22C

i5 3750k no oc at all (yet) idle temp is 35C

full load with prime95 x64 is 65C

H80i profile is Quiet


Hows that sound?Got both push/pull fans on.


Thank you.


BTW H80i came with firmware 1.05

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do you mean 3570k your temps are good mine with h100i 22 ambient 31 c idle 55 c with prime 95 without overclock with overclock 35 c idle and 55 to 58 c with prime so your temp I would say are good



Yeah sorry i5 3570k

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Ok i let the pc on all night.Ext. temp is 22C looks like idle temp now is 28C and full load at 56C tested the full load with prime95 x64 for half an hour.But this time i had Default Mode on.

Looks good.Im happy as a June bug :)

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