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650D and 2X140 Radiator?


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I am trying to find a 2X140 Radiator that is compatible with the 650D case. I have tried the Swiftech MCR 240-QP but had fan hole alignment issues. I was going to try the XSCP EX280 Radiator but it says the fan spacing is non-standard (Fan-spacing 15mm (Industry-standard is 20mm). Does anybody know if this will work with the 650D case? Because of the case design I have to mount the fans on the top of the radiator to get enough clearance for the radiator. Any other 2X140 radiator suggestions that are known to work with this case would be appreciated.


I just measured the space on the top of the 650D and it looks like it's 15MM. So...I guess 15MM is more standard that 20MM?! I also measured the Swiftech radiator and it is also spaced at ~15-16MM. Wonder where the 20MM came from in the XSCP comments?

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Standard for 120mm fans is 20mm and for 140mm fans is 15mm. Both RADS use standard spacing for their appropriate sizes.



The Swiftech is a 2x120mm RAD and the XSCP EX280 is a 2x140mm RAD

Ken, where did you see that the spacing was not normal?


Wonder where the 20MM came from in the XSCP comments?

Introducing a new generation of performance PC radiators. The EX series combines the low profile design of our RS series radiators with the high performance of our award winning RX series. This feat has been possible due to several manufacturing advances including, split fins, improved soldering techniques, and welded seam tubes. The EX series has been designed and optimized for low speed fans, so it can offer high performance cooling at very low noise levels.

15mm fan spacing!


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Now that I have the EX280 radiator in hand I can say without question that the spacing on the 650D for 140MM fans is 20MM and the spacing for 120MM fans is 15MM!!! Now I understand the warning on the XSPC specs. I screwed up and measured the hole spacing for the 120MM fans - it looked the same as the 140MM holes when I had the rubber bushings in place. Oh well, it's a hobby.
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