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Corsair 750D doesn't really support E-ATX?


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I just purchased one of the new 750D's to use as a replacement for the overkill 900D based on the fact that it states it supports E-ATX motherboards.


Well it arrived today, and I am extremely disappointed to learn that the fixed "mound" standoffs that are in the case are completely in the wrong location for any Dual Xeon E5-26XX series motherboard.


From my searching, there is NO E-ATX board that can use these mounting holes, as they just don't line up right.


If it had been designed with screw mounts and removable standoffs, it would totally support all these E-ATX boards.


What gives with the "supports E-ATX" listed here?: http://www.corsair.com/en/pc-cases/obsidian-series-pc-case/obsidian-series-750d-full-tower-atx-case.html

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Again, what board are you using?


If they are listed as E-ATX then the hole spacing is standard. There are not different patterns for different E-ATX boards.


All of ASUS workstation boards are either EEB or CEB form factor with the exception of the P7P55WS M board which is standard ATX.



Some of Supermicro are EE-ATX as well as E-ATX with the EE being differnt than E-ATX.


But their E-ATX boards use the standard mounting positions and will fit that case.

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but does the Corsair 750D case support the SuperMicro X10DAi E-ATX Motherboard? It's a true 12"x13" E-ATX board. Not only do the offsets not line up, but the fixed center peg that normally centers a motherboard does not line up either. Can you please confirm if this motherboard indeed works with the case?



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