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Suggestions for Future Corsair Cases


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These are just some general request I would like to see improved on Future Cases. You are welcome to post your own request, but keep in mind that this is fan made and not by Corsair.



1.Default options for 5.2 drive bays:

A. Give us something to put in the 5.2 drive cages especially when the case has more than 2 (3-5) bays. It can be as simple as a default fan mount, or 3.5 to 2.5 drive bay adapters.

B. Less is better (make 2 the standard for 5.2 drive bays). This would actually make sense since I don't see too many people actually using more than 2 drive bays now a day.

2.Default Fan Filters for Side Panel Intake.

I really love some of the carbide cases offered, but with my allergies and (tiny) ocd I feared getting one.

A.Internal: Does not disturb the outside look, but it can be a hassle to remove/detach it from the fan.

B. External: Might take a bit away from the look, but makes up for in easy cleaning.


3.Please stop the acrylic fan mount intake. and this is not just me being picky. Several reviewers have also agreed that the concept is very poorly thought out (Vengeance C70/300r+window.

General Opinions on the matter:

Mesh/Grill Fan mount on side panel = Good Airflow

Acrylic window on side panel = Looks Great + hardware inspection.

Mesh/Grill fan mount + acrylic window = the downside of both (A dust magnet with the acrylic window, and the fan will block some of the view into your case.)


Thank you for your time.

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