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Abnormal idle temps with H80i


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Hello guys,

I just installed an h80i today and I'm getting some really abnormal idle temps. Everything is running fine, both fans are working and so is the pump.


Here are the readings from corsair link:


firmware 1.0.7

Fan 1 - 2002

Fan 2 - 2006

Pump - 2266

H80i temp 1 - 72.1

i5 4670k Average - 79.0

i5 4670k Activity - 1.45%


I checked the temps from motherboard and H/W monitor as well both showing 70-80c which is very abnormal for idle temps. I upgraded the h80i firmware and it did not help. I connected everything and the h80i led's are working fine. Any help would be appreciated.

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I'll let the intel experts field this one, but in reading many other threads where high temperatures were experienced with the H80i and the H100i, the culprit in many cases wound up being the pump installation on the CPU itself.


You might remove the pump and observe if there is an even solid contact being made, as evidenced by the thermal paste.



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Make sure the cooling head isn't sitting on any capacitors that surround the CPU socket. If this is the case , turning the cooling head , 90 deg one way or the other will allow the cooler to sit flush down on the socket. Looks like the caps directly to the left of the socket may be your trouble.


Just be sure to clean off and use new thermal paste.

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