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What is the SP120L Max Fan Speed (H100i Fans)?


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I've managed to fit my h100i into my Antec 1200, hooked it up to my ax1200i and all is well.... keeping my i7 940 overclocked to 4ghz at a nice 60 degrees under load.


Except i read when i ordered the fans (i have 4x SP120Ls in push pull) that they run at 2700 RPM at max... under corsair link they all say 2500 RPM and wont go any faster.


Can anyone confirm if this is a mistake and that the max RPM is in fact 2,500? or is something my end limiting it to 2,500?


Corsair say they can go 2,700 RPM:




edit: Also the max speed for each fan is slightly different, e.g. one is 2562 RPM, one is 2543 RPM, one is 2526 RPM etc../ can anyone confirm why this is? i cant seem get them all to run at exactly at the same speed for some reason.

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thanks for that info. So 10% variance on a 2700 RPM being 270 when my fans say they run at 2,562 RPM that's within the range.


I guess with the fans running at only say 40 RPMs difference between each other that isn't a huge issue either? I've tried to get them all running at 2,500 but they just wont run all at the exact same speed, always a 30 to 40 RPM difference.

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I have 4 of the 120L's

they all seem to max out at 2500 rpm


atm they are 2551, 2609, 2515 and 2559

i wish i could have found 4 of the " in tolerance" fans

that go upto 3k rpm ^^


the odds of you being able to find 4 fans that run at the same speed are infinitesimal

variances in manufacturing in regards to bearings, copper wire, capacitors, plastic wing weight etc etc are going to be very slim .

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All fans on the DIY market are rated in "free air", meaning no restrictions. If you were to take one of those fans off of the radiator and run it with nothing restricting it you would get much closer to the 2700 rpm rating. As others have stated already, they do have a 10% +/- on the rpm as well.
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After some of the recent updates to firmware I believe (could be software too ) this problem has surfaced with all fans.


yes there is a tolerance level for fans etc, but I bet if you disconnect one of your fans from the h100i and connect straight to the mobo it will make it very close to 2700rpm.


This is not a manufacturer tolerance issue, this is simply something that was changed in the firmware (possibly software as well) when Corsair tried to remedy the noisy fan problem.



Keltik, just connect one if your SP120L's to the motherboard cpu pwm header, then go into bios and set cpu fan to max (or in software if your using it) and that should be your true maximum speed for the fan mounted.


Post back with your results. :D

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