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i7 860 overclock high temp


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Hi so i've bought the h80i and tried to overclock my i7 860 with it but everytime i use intelburntest the temps are over 80 and nearing 90 even when on just 3,3373 Ghz using the "Crazy" setting in the bios (Standard is 2,8 I am also kind of new to overclocking)


At 2,8 Ghz i had a bad mount once but after remounting the thing i ran 28c on idle but the moment i overclock (3,3Ghz+) it it goes to 36-44.


Core voltage is 1.240 according to CPU-Z should i undervolt it and could this make a big difference? Or does my processor just have a low yield or something.


I am also not sure where to look as the corsair link temprature is generally somewhat lower than the realmtemp one.


EDIT: Okay i reset the clock to default and but it was 27-29 before and now it is 33-37. Really seems like a bad mount again but I really tried to get the blackplate on there as tight as possible but the screws could still move which obviously isnt good but the thing just wont go tighter. I don't really want to sent it back when it's not really the fault of the cooler itself.


EDIT2: Oh and I also had to mount it upside down because otherwise my videocard wouldn't fit, is this going to be a problem later on or what?

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