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Force 3, 120gb black screen totally


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Hi, i ve bought 2 force 3 120gb serial start with 1222 and after 1 year of use... at the first when playing starcraft 2 sometimes happened to black screen completely. (i had to remove the battery to shut it down). then became worst and worst... now if i startup the pc (an ALIENWARE ULTRA FAST M18X processor i7, 2 graphic cards nvidia geforce 580M and 32 mb of ram... that costed me nearly 10.000 dollars..), it simply takes 15 minutes to starup.. and 80% often after some minutes, it black screen. i tried to replace the ssd with the ancients hard disks i had with the alienware (not ssd), and all is perfect. then... is there a way you can fix this, i am a noob, and simply make me feel so frustrated all this.. i bought your product with confidence.. now my confidence is shrinking.. is there a way to fix this?
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