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Removing 650D native cables?


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Hi guys, I'm new here :)


Got a question, was doing some cable management today and I realized that the 650D has lots of native cables I simply don't need.


I have no use for the front HDD bay so that Power and Sata cables are redundant. Also I don't like the pair of USB3 cables as I use USB from the back of my MB since it's really awkward to feed them through the case. Right now all of these cables are hidden above my CDROM drive but I don't like it. Is there a way to remove these cables from the front panel without actually cutting them??


Alternatively, if you have a better offer how to hide them elegantly, I'd love to know.


Thanks :)

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I wouldn't cut the cables coming from the I/O Panel or the Hot-swap bay as its not a replaceable part.


The Hot-swap bay part should be removable, have a look around it and see if its just a few screws holding it in. For the USB 3.0 cables, see if you can put it through one of the optical drive openings and just zip tie it to the back or buy a internal USB 3.0 adapter and use it.

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