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Hi all,


Got a nice new h100i that isn't playing nice. Running prime95 on it stock 85+C in no time. I have run all my computers with this and never had a heat issue what so ever.


Open to different things to try, I have heard turning 90degrees works, reseating on the cpu and finally washers. I am going to try them in that order, hope it works, I love my new system but it runs hot even when not running p95. I really wanted to overclock but at this temp at stock no thank you, LOL.


Corsair has always been good to me, have ordered ram/cooling/case and power supply, my PSU is on RMA but I understand that it just happens sometimes.


Really don't wanna RMA this as I would be cooler less and who knows how long it could take.


Any additional ideas I am up for, oh my motherboard is an ASUS Maximus VI hero. I heard some motherboards were thicker in some areas. It wasn't cheap so I dunno. Wish there was a list of boards they have found that do not work.


I realize that is asking alot but would be cool.


Thank you all for your time and help,



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Can you post more info about your setup like cpu ,overclock, cpu voltage?


What is the fan RPM?

What is the pump RPM?

What is your idle temp?

Where did you mount your rad and how are the fans blowing?

How many fresh air into your pc case?


My i7 4770K runs also very hot when using prime95 going to 90 degrees on my h100i


Thats why i dont use prime anymore but aida 64 or occt or intelburntest

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Ok I will try those things, I gotta reconnect the link cable to get rpms and pumps and such, had to unplug it becasue I was putting in a replacement PSU while mine is being worked on at corsair.


If those don't work I will be back! :D:

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I got some thin metal washers I think will work...should i still use them as in will it short out the board? Got a couple of plastic washers but they are a little bit bigger.


The washers are the ones from corsair so I know they should have no problems.


There are 8 plastic. So not much room to making it thicker with only 2 each only. Wouldn'y my new almost fitting ones work? Trying this all next week so I can make sure I am doing everything right.



Turn plate 180,


reseat contact on cooler

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i dont suggest metal washers as their obviously conductive,the ones you have from corsair is for others uses

your backplate will be slightly loose till you mount the cooler




K, got some rubber washers and some plastic ones on the way. Hope I got the right ones!

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