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No Double-Click? R U Serious? M95


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After an hour of frustration with my new Does Everything Jack of All Trades M95 Supermouse, I repaired to this forum to discover that I was trying to do the impossible: Assigning the double-click function to a button.


Really? Perhaps the most common function of any HID and your flagship mouse can't perform.


You're telling me that Logitech, Wacom, every brand of programmable HID device—mygosh even Microsoft allows assignment of Double-Click to a button, and you can't manage it?


Priorities have gotten skewed somewhere when one can type the Gettysburg Address at the press of a button but the basics are impossible.


Unfortunately I relied on the reputation of Corsair and destroyed the packaging or this rodent would be hiking back to Amazon. I'll farm this out to one of my employees when one of their $15 mice (that has double-click) bites the dust and buy another Logitech. Or maybe I'll just trade them.

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I assumed this would be one of the preset mouse button options too - I was quite surprised to find it's not there. I guess no one at Corsair plays games that use double-clicks!


If they could add this in (surely a trivial software change) that'd be sweet.

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