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H100i abnormally high temps recently


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I've used the H100i with no huge problems for a couple months now. I noticed that the fans were spinning up quite a bit recently so I took a look at my temps. The temps on my cpu are abnormally high now. Before, the temps were around 60C with full load. Now, the temps are 80C cpu and 60C h100i with just games and 50C cpu idle. I undid my overclock back to stock settings, but had the same results. At full load, I was getting 100C cpu and stopped the stress test at that point because it didn't seem like it wanted to stop at 100C. I don't know if it matters, but I noticed that the LED on the block turned from white to red. I installed Corsair Link to see if there was a problem with the pump or something. It's showing 2189 on the H100i pump. Ambient temp is 15C? it's colder now since it's fall. I haven't touched my computer except when I needed to blow dust off it. There's plenty of airflow in my case. I'm not sure what the problem is. Need help.
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