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K90 lost blocks of LEDs


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A month or so ago I noticed that many of the accessory key LEDs have gone out. This includes the programmable G keys, the F keys, the Home group keys and the media control buttons. I tried getting an RMA from the main Corsair website but the on-line application consistently rejected the K90's part number (CH-90000003-NA) and would not complete and the webmaster was no help, and I mean NO help. This keyboard has been in use less than 1 year.


BTW, this keyboard was intended to replace an old style Logitech G15, but the K90 performance, especially the utterly non-intuitive programmable key software and its ability to actually work as programmed in-game is well below the Logitech's abilities. Even the volume control and mute is sluggish or non-responsive in nearly every application. In any event, forget the rest, I would be glad if all the keys would at least light up like they should.

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