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AX860i not i ?


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Hi I just purchased an AX860i and it states that I can download Dashboard software so I can have some control over my AX860i. But there is a lack of info or incorrect info as to how get this software. I have tried their http://www.corsair.com/linksw and this gives me info on how to use the software but no software, so what gives. How can I get this wonderful software?:(::(::(::(::(:
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Boy I must have blind not to have seen that.



It is up and running, the last link on my new corsair build.


H110, pro memory, AX860i and a ROG BOARD ALL IN A V650 LIAN-LI CASE.


I JUST hear that the H110 will not fit is so many cases I just had to fit it in a real small case and it fits. I can not figure out why so many people have a problem with it?:idea:

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