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SP2500 Speakers PSU problem


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I have a Corsair SP2500 speaker set which had been in daily use for 2 years. While away from home I switched them off for a week and when I put them back on there was a bang and the house mains breaker tripped. Reset this and found the speaker did not work. Tried another power lead, but still didn't work.


I removed the PSU to check for a fuse, and found a number of components charred on this PCB.


Anoying that it was a few months over the 2 year warranty.


Is it possible to purchase a replacement PCB ?

Find an alternative power supply.

or get a drawing to be able to attempt a repair.




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Thanks for the reply, annoying that I can't buy a replacement board.

I removed the PCB from its mounting and there's more charred components, totally unrecognisable. If I can't get hold of a switched-mode PSU ~ 5V, 12V and 27V then I guess this SP2500 goes in the bin.

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Any alternative to this PCB board, my board is completely charred near by transformer,attached picture. Can any one please suggest me to fix this board. I m out of warranty, and i don't believe in corsair support as i am talking to them since month.
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