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Faulty PSU? AX850


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Hi all,


My issue is I have to press the power button multiple times before the machine will fire up.


It has got worse over time and now I have to hold the power button in for 30 secs and try for it to fire up at all. This morning I was trying for about ten minutes before I finally got it working.


Same issue if I use the power button on the motherboard, so its not the power button on case.


The board is always getting trickle charge, ie: the lights are always pulsing on the board.


I supect I may have a defective PSU.


Any ideas?


I estimate the PSU is approx2-3 yrs old. I believe they come with a 7 year warranty?


I bought from Scan (UK) and have invoice and proof of purchase etc


Thanks for any help you can provide...


Yours frustrated,



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