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Constant Probing of Profile Save upon exit


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Every time I exit Corsair Link it asks me to save a profile; I've pressed countless times to save it (and said it did it successfully!) but it still keeps nagging me about this without changing anything in the actual profile values. How do I disable this constant probing?


Thanks in advance.

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I'm running Windows 8 64Bit, and the Corsair information is as follows:


Corsair Link 2.4.5065

Corsair Commander 2 Ver 2.0.6

Cooling Node Ver 1.2.5

Lighting Node Ver 1.1.9

AX860i No Version Listed

Corsair Hydro USB Ver 2.0.0

Corsair H100i Ver 1.0.7


This is on my backup System. I have my Primary System torn apart awaiting a replacement H100i Radiator & Pump. But I'm pretty sure the versions are the same on that system.



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