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New H100i installation and temps


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Hey guys, long time corsair user, first time posting.


So I recently (and by recently I mean about 6 hours ago) upgraded from a Corsair h50 that I've had for a very long time (nearly since the H50 first came out) to a H100i. My temps are lower than the h50, but not by much.


I'm running an intel i5 3570k (no overclock yet, so it's at stock everything) on an Asrock z77 Extreme4 motherboard.


with my H50, i was staying just under if not right around (give or take a couple degree's) of 30 on all cores.


With my H100i, I'm in the low 20's on idle on core 1, mid 30's on core 2, mid 20's on core3 and mid 30's on core 4. A friend of mine, has the exact same cpu and motherboard and he is using a stock intel air cooler that came with the cpu.


His temps are as following (this is while playing LoL):

Core0: 21C

Core1: 17C

Core2: 16C

Core3: 18C


So why are my temps so much higher, at idle, compared to someone on a stock air cooler? I keep my room at around 68 degree F. I have the H100i in a Haf X 942, pushing air out through the top, with more fans pushing air into the case creating great positive pressure.


Any idea why the H100 is barely out doing the H50, and yet is getting it's butt kicked by a stock air cooler?

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For me, the jury's still out in the liquid vs. air debate.


I had an H80i that kept my X79-based system with an Intel® Core™ i7-3960X Extreme processor within limits ok. I went back to air using a Noctua NH-D14 that actually keeps the system cooler by 5 to 10 degrees C. I went back to air because I no longer wanted to risk a coolant leak.


For any air cooler, YMMV and everyone will have different results based upon their configuration.

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