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is it ok to store h100i package on it's bottom side instead of side ?


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i got a new one yesterday but i didn't even get it out of the box i left the box all night setting on it's bottom ( h100i inside was setting on it's side ) instead of setting the box down on it's side could this somehow screw my h100 i ?


i've set it like this




instead of this




is it ok ? or could it have screwed with the liquid pressure or whatever inside ....


i didn't try it yet

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It's a closed loop sealed system. It doesn't matter how you store it or even how it's used.


i actually went out and bought a new h100i the one that was making noise went to rma but it will take a lot of time.... so i went out and bought another one and will be selling the one i'm getting from rma at a loss :mad:


anyways i'm kind of afraid to try the new one lol afraid it greets me with a grinding pump yet again , idk what will i do if the new one screws with me yet again ...

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