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I just finished my Dark Parallax build on the 900D case, but was totally gutted when I removed all the protective blue tape from the edges and noticed the lower fan grille panel was bent slightly on the edge.

I had not noticed until the tape was removed and the blanking plate was unscrewed to let airflow through, i guess I was totally engrossed in the build.

I quickly went round the case with fine tooth combe and everything else was fine.

The lower fan panels are a bit stiff on both sides.

The one that has the defect runs slightly out of line.

This was a £3000+ build and I was upset to say the least.

I read the early reports of a small number had issues on various bits n bobs, but trust me to get one, i have bad luck.

I would app somebody from corsair sending me a window side lower fan grille section with hinges, so I can get this case back to its best.

It looks a straightforward fix with the little nuts on the hinges, it would be tight with the rad there, but I don't want to ruin the best part of the week's build in stripping it down for just the panel.

I would really app a replacement sending please.75% of the components in my build are corsair, and this is the first time ive had an issue.







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The site gets hit by bots constantly. And you need to give them at least 24 hrs or so before you'll get an answer. Try to be patient, tickets are answered in the order they are received. if there is a lrage amount of requests it could take slightly longer.. Total turn around time is between 7-10 business days.


If this is something that you need immediate attention , then it would be best to call their 1-800 number and they would be able to assist you on the spot.

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Thankyou for the fast response.

Rma ticket is 6181117


And yes its a great build.The carving knife would kill me if she knew how much i have spent.if only i could sli working properly.

Both gtx 780 hydros show up linked in sli mode,but only gpu 2 in slot 2 on maximus formula 6 seems to be working in heaven/kombuster/3d mark 11/presicionX

gpuz shows both cards details as do the other benchmarking tools, but when i run them...it says the 2nd gpu is doing the work.

Ive read others online have the same issue....crossfire and sli.

Why don't nvidia and Ati/amd get them to work from the off.

Both cards work in there slots 1 at a time,so no problem there.It must be a setting,but for the life of me i can't see it.ive done all the usual stuff like reinstall drivers/driver sweep/re-seating cards/bios flash and upgrade,still no cards working fully together.


I hope my AX1200i is enough ,3d mark 11 had a bit of coil whine during test.


Anyway thankyou for your advice guys

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  • Corsair Employees

That is awesome Replicator.


Reading your build description makes me want to purchase some new parts! Anyway, your ticket has been processed by our Customer Service Team and if you should have any questions, please post them on your ticket.

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