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SP2500 issue RMA and Return Postage Query


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Hi there,


I've been a Corsair fan for many years and have a lot of Corsair products, had zero issues till recently.


Had my SP2500 unit for around a year and is now malfunctioning, speakers make a loud crackling noise the remote screen flickers and the unit shuts down and will not restart. If I leave it for a few hours disconnected from the power socket it sometimes starts up again. Then after a period of time (varies) it malfunctions again.


Anyway I have an RMA open (Ticket 6139793) but would like to know what needs to be sent back. I ask because I'm from Australia and its gonna be pretty pricey to send the whole unit back.


Was also wondering if a Remote switch over could solve the problem (would solve the high postage cost).


Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like there is a problem somewhere. It might the remote or the unit itself.


I'd suggest you contact technical support via phone and ask for more assistance as i have limited knowledge regarding the SP2500.


You can contact technical support using Skype by calling their toll-free number on their website.


Their hours of operation in Australia (AEST) is 1:30AM-11:30AM.

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